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VegetablesFruitDairyButter & EggsFresh Cut ProgramAlaskan Glacial Water
Asparagus 11#1002
Avocadoes, Hass 48 ct1005
Beans, Yellow Wax 15#1013
Beans, Green 15#1015
Beets 25#1016
Beets, bunched 12 ct1017
Broccoli 14 ct1021
Broccoli Crowns1022
Broccoli Florettes 4/31023
Kale, Red cs1024
Kale , Green cs1025
Chard, Red 12 ct1026
Cabbage Bin1111
Cabbage, Green cs1112
Cabbage, Red cs1113
Brussel Sprouts cs1114
Carrots 25# Jbo1212
Carrots 50# Clip1213
Carrots 25# Table1215
Carrots Mini 15/2#1216
Carrots Mini 30/1#1217
Carrots 48/1#1218
Carrots 24/2#1219
Carrots 16/3#1220
Carrots 10/5#1221
Cauliflower 12 ct1311
Cranberries 24/12 oz cs1350
Corn, Yellow 48 ct1407
Corn, White 48 ct1408
Celery 30 ct1412
Celery 36 ct1413
Celery Hearts1415
Cukes 36 ct1420
Cukes, pickling 25# cs1421
Dill Weed, bunch 1422
Cucumbers English1423
Cucumbers 360-ct bin1424
Eggplant - per cs. 18 ct1430
Lettuce, Cello 24 ct1510
Lettuce, Cello 4-6pk1511
Lettuce - Bin1512
Lettuce, Naked 24 ct1513
Lettuce, Bibb 24 ct1515
Lettuce, Green Leaf 24 ct1516
Lettuce, Green Leaf - each1516A
Lettuce, Red Leaf 24 ct1517
Lettuce, Red Leaf - each1517A
Lettuce, Romaine 24 ct1518
Endive - per cs1519
Escarole - per cs1520
Lettuce, Wrap1530
Fresh Exp Shred 4/5#1531
Fresh Express Garden Zip 12-121532
Fresh Express Fiesta Ctn1533
Fresh Express American 6/121534
Fresh Express Italian 6/101535
Fresh Express Caesar 6/101536
Fresh Express Coleslaw 6/111537
Fresh Express
Fresh Express
Fresh Express Crispy Salad1540
Fresh Express
Fresh Express
Fresh Express Heart of Romaine1543
Mushrooms, Large1609
Mushrooms, Medium 10#1610
Mushrooms 9/8 oz1612
Mushrooms, Portabella 5#1613
Onions, Green 4-2# iceless1709
Onions, Green - per cs 48 ct1710
Leeks - per cs1712
Shallots 4/5# Peeled1714
Shallots 5#1715
Cilantro 4/1# Vacum Pak1809
Cilantro cs1810
Parsley, Italian 1812
Jicima cs 20#1813
Parsley cs1815
Cabbage, Bok Choy 40#1910
Cabbage, Nappa 65#1911
Sno Peas 10#1912
Radishes, Daikon - per cs1913
Taro Root1914
Bitter Melon 10#1915
Bean Sprouts 5#1919
Bean Sprouts 6/8 oz1920
Spinach, Baby 6/6 oz2000
Spinach, Cello 4/2.5#2002
Spinach, Bunch 24 ct2003
Garlic, Super Colossal 30#2110
Garlic, Peeled Jar 5#2112
Garlic, Chopped 2#2113
Garlic, Jumbo - per cs2114
Garlic, Minced 6/48 oz2115
Ginger Root - 30# cs2117
Ginger Root - per lb2117A
Peppers, Red Large - chop 2209
Peppers, Habanero - 5# cs2210
Peppers, Green Xlg 25#2211
Peppers, Green - Choice 25#2212
Peppers, Red Large 11#2214
Peppers, Red 25# Lg Chop2215
Peppers, Yellow Chop2217
Fresh Basil per lb
Fresh Basil 3 pk
Fresh Mint per lb
Baby Bok Choy 30#1908
Peppers, Orange - per cs2219
Peppers, Anaheim - 10# cs2221
Peppers, Pasilla - 10# cs2222
Peppers, Jalapeno 10#2223
Peppers, Serrano - per cs2225
Onions, Red Medium 25#2909
Onions, Yellow Jumbo 50#2911
Onions, Yellow Medium 50#2912
Onions, Red Jumbo 25#2913
Onions, White Peeled 20#2915
Onions, White Jumbo 50#2916
Onions, Sweet Ctn 40#2918
Onions, Boiler 16/3 Ctn2919
Onions, Red 50# 2920
Potatoes 5/10# Bales3010
Potatoes 10/5# Bales3011
Potatoes 40 ct3012
Potatoes 50 ct3013
Potatoes 60 ct3014
Potatoes 70 ct3015
Potatoes 80 ct3016
Potatoes 90 ct3017
Potatoes 100 ct3018
Potatoes 110 ct3019
Potatoes Bakers3020
Potatoes 50# - #23022
Potatoes, Red A 50#3023
Potatoes, Red B 50#3024
Potatoes, Red #23025
Potatoes,Yellow A 50#3026
Potatoes, White A3027
Radish 25# bulk4010
Radish 5#4015
Radish 48 ct4020
Yams cs4040
Potato, Sweet cs4041
Squash, Mexican Gray 25#4049
Zucchini - Fcy 25# cs4050
Squash, Yellow wrapped - 22# cs4053
Squash, Danish4054
Squash, Butternut4055
Squash, Chayote4056
Squash, Kabocha4058
Squash, Spaghetti4059
Turnip 25# Bag4060
Rutabaga 25# Bag4061
Parsnip - per cs4062
Parsnip - per lb4062A
Tomatoes 4x55012
Tomatoes 5x55013
Tomatoes Large 25#5021
Tomatoes Extra Large 25#5022
Tomatoes 5#5030
Tomatoes Cherry 12-pt5031
Tomatoes Cherry - 1/2 flat5031A
Tomatoes Grape 12/7 oz5032
Tomatoes Roma XLG5035
Tomatoes Roma 5#5037
Tomatoes #2 Ctn5040
Tomatoes Roma #25045
Tomatoes Green5046
Tomatillo cs5050
Peanuts, Salted 24/1#5080
Nuts, Mixed cs5085
Nuts, Pistachio cs5086
Produce Bags7175
Tofu - per cs.7180
Apples, Candy cs6005
Apples, Red Delicious XF 72 ct6008
Apples, Red Delicious XF 80/88ct6010
Apples, Red Delicious XF 100 ct6011
Apples, Red Delicious Fcy 80/88 ct6012
Apples, Red Delicious Fcy 100 ct6013
Apples, Red Delicious XF 125 ct6016
Apples, Red Delicious Fcy 125 ct6017
Apples, Red Delicious 12/36018
Apples, Braeburn 80 ct6021
Apples, Golden Delicious 72 ct6029
Apples, Golden Delicious 100 ct6030
Apples, Molly Gold 100 ct6032
Apples, Golden Delicious 80 ct6034
Apples, Rome6040
Apples, Cameo6045
Apples, Granny Smith 72 ct6050
Apples, Granny Smith 88 ct6051
Apples, Granny Smith 100 ct6052
Apples, Fuji6060
Apples, Jonagold6065
Apples, Gala 80 ct6070
Apples, Criterion6080
Cantaloupes 9 ct7005
Cantaloupes 12 ct7006
Coconuts 24 ct cs7009
Cherries 20# (seasonal)7010
Cherries Rainier (seasonal)7012
Grapes, Green 18#7020
Grapes, Red 18#7021
Grapes, Black7022
Grapes, Red Globe7023
Grapefruit, Pink 27 ct7024
Grapefruit, Pink 32 ct7025
Grapefruit, Pink 48 ct7027
Kiwi 33 ct7030
Lemons 95 ct7034
Lemons 115 ct7035
Limes 110 ct7040
Limes 175 ct7041
Nectarine 36 ct7045
Nectarine 42 ct7046
Nectarine 48 ct7047
Nectarine 56 ct7048
Nectarine 25#7049
Honeydew 6 ct7050
Honeydew 8 ct7050A
Honeydew, Orange Ctn7051
Watermelon Per #7052
Watermelon, Seedless Per #7053
Melon, Crenshaw Cs7054
Pineapple 5/6 ct7055
Plums, Ctn7058
Papaya cs7059
Melon, Canary7060
Passion Fruit Flat7061
Melon, Sharlyn7063
Tangerine, Honey7072
Oranges, Clementine7073
Oranges, Satsuma7074
Oranges, Mandarine7076
Oranges, Fancy 56 ct7080
Oranges, Fancy 72 ct Sunkist7081
Oranges, Fancy 88 ct7082
Oranges, Choice Navel 88 ct7083
Oranges, Choice Navel 113 ct7084
Oranges, Fancy 113 ct7085
Pears 90 ct7090
Pears, Red Ctn7091
Pear, Packham Cs7096
Peach 36 ct7110
Peach 42 ct7111
Peach 48 ct7112
Peach 56 ct7114
Strawberries 12/pt7125
Strawberries 8/17126
Strawberry Glaze7128
Kumquats (10# min) per lb7141
Ugly Fruit - per cs7150
Star Fruit - per cs7151
Produce Bags7175
Tofu - per cs.7180
Darigold Homo Milk
DG Homo Disp 5-Gal340012
DG Homo Mini 50-Hpt340021
DG Homo UP 6-Hg340022
DG Homo UP 12-Qt340023
DG Homo UP 12-Hpt340025
DG Homo 2 - 1Gal340348
DG Homo HW CJ 6-1Gal341155
DG Lac Free Homo CA 6-Hg344008
HD Homo 216 Gal "Pallet"351051
Darigold 2% Milk
DG 2pc Disp 5-Gal340035
DG 2pc Disp 5-Gal UP340991
DG 2pc Mini 50-Hpt340044
DG 2pc UP 6-Hg340045
DG 2pc UP 12-Qt340046
DG 2pc UP 12-Hpt340049
DG 2pc 2 - 1Gal340349
DG Lac Free 2pc UP 6-Hg340520
DG 2pc HV PL 9-Hg340529
DG 2pc HW CJ 6-1Gal341156
HD 2pc 216 Gal "Pallet"351052
Darigold 1% Milk
DG 1pc Disp 5-Gal340051
DG 1pc MINI 50-Hpt340057
DG 1pc UP 6-Hg340058
DG 1pc UP 12-Qt340059
DG 1pc 2 - 1Gal340350
DG 1pc HW CJ 6-1Gal341157
DG Lac Fee 1pc UP 6-Hg344040
DG Lac Free 1pc UP 12-Hpt344041
Darigold Fat-Free Milk
DG FF Disp 5-Gal UP340993
DG FF MINI 50-Hpt340076
DG FF UP 6-Hg340077
DG FF UP 12-Qt340078
DG FF UP 12-Hpt340080
DG FF 2 - 1GAL340351
DG Lac Free FF UP 6-Hg340521
DG FF HW CJ 6-1Gal341159
Darigold Chocolate Milk
DG Choc LF UP 6-Hg340094
DG Choc LF UP 12-Hpt340098
DG Choc 1 pc HW 4-Gal340100
DG Choc LF 1pc Mini 50-Hpt340103
DG Choc FF Mini 50-Hpt (22g Suc Min)340950
DG Choc 1 pc LF Disp 5-Gal UP340994
DG Choc Old Fashion 6-Hg341023
DG Choc Old Fashion 12-Qt UP Btl344048
DG Choc 1 pc Pl UP 12-QT344049
Darigold Flavored Milk
DG 1 pc UP Btl 12-Pt341019
DG Mocha 1 pc UP Btl 12-Pt341020
DG Choc 1 pc UP Btl 12-Pt341021
DG Choc Old Fashion UP Btl 12-Pt341022
DG Homo UP Btl 12-Pt341034
DG FF UP Btl 12-Pt341052
DG 2 pc CA UP Btl 12-Pt341099
DG Choc 1 pc Refuel UP Btl 12-Pt344016
DG Choc P.B. 1 pc Refuel UP Btl 12-Pt344030
Darigold Half'n Half
DG HH UP 6-Hg340226
DG HH UP 12-Qt340227
DG HH UP 12-Pt340228
DG HH Crmr Aseptic 360ct **341654
DG FF HH UP 12-QT340566
DG HH UP French Van 12-Qt344010
DG HH UP Hazelnut 12-Qt344012
Darigold Whipping Cream
DG Hvy Whip UP 6-Hg340234
DG Whip Crm UP 12-Hpt340236
DG Whip Crm UP 12-Qt340237
DG Whip Crm UP Classic 12-Pt340238
DG Whip Crm UP 12-Pt340239
DG CRM Topping 12-14 OZ340276
Darigold Buttermilk
DG Bmilk Pl 6-HG340776
DG Bmilk Pl 12-QT341032
Darigold Cottage Cheese
DG Sm Curd CC FS 4-5Lb380197
DG NF Sm Curd CC FS 4-5Lb380198
DG Trim CC 12-Hpt380290
DG Lg Curd CC 12-1Lb380300
DG Sm Curd CC 12-1Lb380310
DG Trim CC 12-1Lb380320
DG NF Sm Curd CC 12-1Lb380340
DG Sm Curd CC 6-24oz380370
DG Trim CC 6-24oz380380
Darigold Sour Cream
DG SC FS 4-5Lb380200
DG NF SC FS 4-5Lb380201
DG Crema Mexicano SC 4-5Lb380223
DG SC Mex Agria 32 Lb380265
DG SC 32 lb Rd Pl380270
DG SC Crema Mex Agria 12-l lb380535
BV SC 32 lb Sq Pl380553
DG SC 12-Pt380400
DG SC Lt 12-Pt380410
DG NF SC 12-Pt380420
DG SC 6-24 OZ380440
DG SC 12-Hpt380450
Yogurt Quarts
DG Yog Plain 6-Qt389502
DG Yog Vanilla 6-Qt389512
DG Yog N W Rasp 6-Qt389522
DG Yog Smr Straw 6-Qt389532
Yami Yog Blackberry 6-Qt4921
Yami Yog Plain 6-Qt4922
Yami Yog Raspberry 6-Qt4923
Yami Yog Strawberry 6-Qt4924
Yami Yog Vanilla 6-Qt4925
Yami Yog Plain NF 6-Qt4931
Zoi Greek Honey 6-Qt4800
Zoi Greek Plain 6-Qt4801
Zoi Greek Plain NF 6-Qt4802
Zoi Greek WM Vanilla 6-Qt4803
Zoi Greek Honey NF 6-Qt4804
Zoi Greek Vanilla NF 6-Qt4805
Yogurt 32#
Yami Yog Plain LF 32#4498
Yami Yog Plain NF 32#4499
Yami Yog Vanilla LF 32#4509
Zoi Greek Yogurt 32#5010
Yogurt 6 oz
Zoi Greek Honey 12-6 oz4810
Zoi Greek Blueberry 12-6 oz4811
Zoi Greek Strawberry 12-6 oz4812
Zoi Greek Vanilla Swiss 12-6 oz4813
Zoi Greek Plain NF 12-6 oz4814
Zoi Greek Peach 12-6 oz4815
Zoi Greek Raspberry 12-6 oz4816
Zoi Greek Blueberry NF 12-6 oz4818
Zoi Greek Strawberry NF 12-6 oz4819
Zoi Greek Peach NF 12-6 oz4820
Zoi Greek Raspberry NF 12-6 oz4821
Yami Yog Blueberry 12-6 oz4901
Yami Yog Marionberry 12-6 oz4904
Yami Yog Peach 12-6 oz4905
Yami Yog Raspberry 12-6 oz4907
Yami Yog Strawberry 12-6 oz4908
Yami Yog Vanilla 12-6 oz4910
Darigold Butter
DG Butter QTRS 30-1 LB310180
HD Butter QTRS 30-1 LB310276
DG Butter Elgin Prt 30-1 LB310517
HD Butter Elgin Prt 30-1 LB310519
DG Butter Cnt 47 chip 4-4.25LB310202
DG Butter Cnt 47 chip N/S 4-4.25LB310203
Eggs, 30 doz Med Loose5090
Eggs, 30 doz Lg Loose5099
Eggs, 30 doz Lg Ctn5091
Eggs, 15 doz Lg Ctn5093
Eggs, 18-pk Lg Ctn5095
Empty Egg Ctn Lg 2505096
Ice Cream Mix
DG 4.5 pc Van Mx UP 6 Hg340309
DG 4 pc Choc Mx UP 6 Hg340310
DG 6 pc Van Mx UP 6 Hg340311
Darigold Egg Nog (Seasonal)
DG Egg Nog 6-Hg UP340268
DG Egg Nog 12-Qt UP340270
DG Egg Nog 6-Hg UP341009
DG Egg Nog Old Fashion 6-Hg UP341132
DG Egg Nog Pumpkin Spice 12-QT UP344019
DG Egg Nog Van Spice 12-QT UP **344064
Organic Yogurt
Yami Yog Blueberry 12-6 oz4961
Yami Yog Cherry 12-6 oz4962
Yami Yog Peach 12-6 oz4963
Yami Yog Raspberry 12-6 oz4964
Yami Yog Strawberry 12-6 oz4965
Yami Yog Vanilla 12-6 oz4966
DG BUTTER QTRS 30/1 LB310180
DG BUTTER Cnt 47 chip 4 - 4.25 lb310202
DG BUTTER Cnt 47 chip N/S 4 - 4.25 lb310203
Eggs, 30 DOZ MED LOOSE AA5090
Eggs, 30 DOZ LG LOOSE AA5099
Eggs, 30 DOZ LG CTN AA5091
EGGS, 18-PK LG CTN (20 ctn) AA5095
EMPTY EGG CTN LG 250 ct5096
EGGS, LIQUID 6-5# (NFC brand)5098

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Included in our Value Added Product Directory are:

  • Cut Fruit
  • Cut Vegetables
  • Ready to Serve Platters
  • Vegetable Blends
  • Cut Vegetables
  • Deli and Salad Kits


PS&L, Inc. is now working with Alaskan Glacier Products to provide you with “All Natural…All Alaskan” water.

eklutna lake glacier waterGlacier Born.
Welcome to pure refreshment, 10,000 years in the making. Sourced from Alaska’s great Eklutna Glacier, this premium drinking water has exceptional taste and naturally high pH – for pure performance and health.

clear alaskan glacial water large bottleFrom Our Glacier to Your Glass.The beautiful Eklutna Lake is naturally replenished from mountains that surround it and is continuously fed by the Eklutna Glacier and Harding Ice Sheet, providing a rich natural source of glacial water. Unique in the world, this above ground water source sits at 275m elevation. Clear Alaskan Glacial is a careful steward of this precious resource, using less than .1% annually in our bottles.

Clear Alaskan Glacial offers the best in natural premium water that is rich in minerals, ions and high pH. Our portable, pure refreshment can rejuvenate your body and promote better health. Call today to learn more: 253.770.5524