Produce Services provides fresh produce to Dutch Harbor, Alaska better than anyone else.

As you can see in the slides below, once produce arrives in Dutch Harbor, there is a distinct difference.  The same distance is covered, over the same time period and it’s the same product. So what is the difference? The produce we ship is fresher to begin with. It leaves within 48 hours from being harvested out of the field. The “other guy” can take up to 7 days to ship.  If you compared produce when it leaves port, visually, there would not be much of a difference. It looks to be the same freshness. However, once it arrives in Dutch Harbor, the extra time it took the “other guys” to ship out, begins to show.

The solution the “other guys” gave the vendors in Dutch Harbor… “Sell it to the boats.”
PS&L believes they deserve only the best!

We’ll let the pictures do the talking. See the comparisons below of produce stored and handled by Produce Services versus  the “other guys”.

Click on a thumbnail below to see larger images of the produce comparisons.