Below you will find answers to many of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please send us an email through our contact form. Click on the + icon to expand and read the answer.

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Puyallup, Washington Warehouse
Dutch Harbor, Alaska Warehouse
What are your hours of operation?
8AM – 5PM Monday thru Friday

Warehouse Receiving/Shipping (APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED)

7AM – 4:30PM (Mon, Tues & Thurs)

6AM – 5PM (Wed & Fri)


How do I make a delivery appointment or pickup request?
Call the main office 253 770-5524 and schedule one 24 hours in advance.

Long distance? call 866 827-5008

After hours? Leave message on machine for call back the next weekday morning

What kind of product do you ship?
We ship freight all kinds. Freeze, Chill or Dry

There are limitations on haz mat products, please call with questions 253-770-5524. 

Do you ship international? (Hong Kong, China, Europe...)
We specialize in shipping to greater Alaska and the Aleutian chain.

We have loaded containers for Africa, Canada, Japan, Russia and Indonesia.

Any question just call our office at 253-770-5524.

What does PS&L stand for?
P = Produce – we receive and send all types of produce from all around North and South America.
S = Services – we offer warehouse storage and inventory service to our customers.
L = Logistics – we offer intermodal services from Tacoma & Seattle ports, pickup inventory for customers, and delivery to end users.
Inc. = Incorporation – we have been an Alaskan corporation since 1997.

Mainly, PS&L, Inc. stands for
“Doing the common thing, uncommonly well.”