PS&L, Inc. is now working with Alaskan Glacier Products to provide you with “All Natural…All Alaskan” water.

eklutna lake glacier waterGlacier Born.
Welcome to pure refreshment, 10,000 years in the making. Sourced from Alaska’s great Eklutna Glacier, this premium drinking water has exceptional taste and naturally high pH – for pure performance and health.

From Our Glacier to Your Glass.The beautiful Eklutna Lake is naturally replenished from mountains that surround it and is continuously fed by the Eklutna Glacier and Harding Ice Sheet, providing a rich natural source of glacial water. Unique in the world, this above ground water source sits at 275m elevation. Clear Alaskan Glacial is a careful steward of this precious resource, using less than .1% annually in our bottles.

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All Alaskan.

We pride ourselves in coming from one of the purest environments on Earth – Alaska. Let every sip remind you to live like an Alaskan: clean, bold, and naturally.

Alaskans are busy people, living in a challenging northern climate. We respect the importance of water to keep our body functioning at its peak. No matter your passion, embrace the Alaskan lifestyle and refresh with pure, premium glacier water.

Clear Alaskan Glacial the brand was created in 2012 as part of Alaska Glacier Products, LLC, which is a private, Alaskan native-owned business and a loyal steward of Alaska’s abundant natural resources.

Real Water. Real People.

Wellness Water.

clear alaskan glacial water large bottleClear Alaskan Glacial offers the best in natural premium water that is rich in minerals, ions and high pH. Our portable, pure refreshment can rejuvenate your body and promote better health.

Naturally alkaline to help the body maintain proper pH balance (7.8 – 8.2 seasonal base pH)
Promotes improved cellular, cardiovascular health and anti-aging benefits
Minimal processing – nothing added, nothing taken away
Feel your best with nature’s gift of pure water.


Clear Alaskan Glacial is ranked one of the “top three waters of the world, light mineralization, sweet in taste, and very light finish.” – J. Martin Reise, Aqua sommelier, Patina Restaurant Group Los Angeles